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Here you can purchase bulk quantities of EAN13 retail barcodes for all retail products (except books and magazines).

If you intend to list on Amazon, please see the latest information Here.

  • EAN-13 Barcode Packages

    (100 barcodes per package)

    Each ‘package’ includes 100x EAN13 Barcode number, 400x Barcode images (ie in 4 different formats for convenience), 100x barcode registration for these numbers, and a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of these barcode numbers.

    QUICK DELIVERY BY EMAIL – The barcode numbers will be emailed to you automatically as soon as the order has been made, along with a link where you can download the barcode images and guarantee. Smaller orders (< 2,000 barcodes) will be delivered instantly – larger orders may take a little bit longer. If you don’t receive your order within 60 minutes, please check your junk folder and then contact us.

    [of 100s]
    Number of
    Price per Barcode Total Price
    1 100 USD $2.90 each USD $290
    2 200 USD $1.90 each USD $380
    3 300 USD $1.50 each USD $450
    5 500 USD $1.10 each USD $550
    10 1,000 USD $0.70 each USD $700
    20 2,000 USD $0.55 each USD $1100
    30 3,000 USD $0.45 each USD $1350
    50 5,000 USD $0.30 each USD $1500
    100 10,000 USD $0.20 each USD $2,000


    NOTE: EAN-13 BARCODES ARE “EUROPEAN STANDARD” and suitable for use on all retail products (except books/magazines) worldwide. If you are selling your products exclusively (or primarily) in the USA/Canada you might prefer to purchase UPC-A Barcodes (American standard) instead.

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